The Best Chicken Tacos

chickentacos4Here’s What You Need:

Serves 4

1 jar Skinny Dinner Starter: A la Mexicana
1lb organic ground chicken
Olive oil
Optional toppings: Tomatoes, cilantro, plain yogurt, avocado, baby spinach, shredded sharp cheddar
Organic corn taco shells or soft tortillas

Here’s What You Do:
Preheat a pan drizzled with extra virgin olive oil over medium high heat and then add the chicken. Break it up, cooking until it starts cooking through and beginning to brown. Stir the Skinny Dinner Starter: A la Mexicana and add it to chicken along with ¼ of water and heat through for about 10 minutes or so. Build your tacos just as you like!

Kid Tip:
Your kids will love these as the flavor is very sweet and tangy instead of spicy. Tacos are a great way to add in veggies.  You can do this by stirring in baby spinach into the chicken mixture the last few minutes of cooking. They won’t even notice it!