Superfood Italian Dinner Starter

ItalianIt’s official…

The Busy Bree’s Dinner Starter: Superfood Italian has arrived providing a fast, healthful, and family friendly solution for busy moms.

One jar=
The base for 2 simple dinners that take 30 minutes or less

Need simple recipe ideas?
They are all on the website for downloading!

Superfood Italian:
Fresh lemon and toasted almonds combine for a unique Italian flavor.

Organic kale is the shining star here! Why?
Kale the ultimate superfood packed with more antioxidants, calcium and iron than any other vegetable. It’s also loaded with other vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin A, beta carotene, and fiber. Each jar contains two cups of raw organic kale. Yeehaw!

Eating Superfood Italian by the spoonfulls!

Eating Superfood Italian by the spoonfulls!

The Best Part?
Kids love it! If I ask my four year old if he wants a hot dog, mac n ‘cheese or “green pasta”, hands down, 100% of the time he says, “Green pasta!”
I don’t know any other time you are going to get kids begging for kale.
And I don’t know anything you will get more satisfaction from feeding your kids!

The 100% Natural Guarantee
At no time will any artificial flavors or preservatives be used in any Skinny Mommy product.
You can always feel 100% confident serving Skinny Dinner Starters to your family.