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Happy New Year My Friends!

I know  it has been way too long. I have missed all of you and your fabulous support, but the break has been much needed. And I am not officially coming back! I just thought I would share this great breakfast taco recipe with ya’ll.

Andy and I went to Curacao in December and oh was it fabulous! I am staring out at a very snowy sky right now and so wishing I was at the National Park in there right now instead–I am sure I would be equally as happy as I look here.

Happy Winter Day to you!


Here’s What You Need: (For you!)
1 cup (aka large handful of kale, chopped)*
2 TBS salsa + more for serving
1 egg whisked w/ff milk (Season with salt + pepper)
Forward seasoning from Penzey’s (or any favorite seasoning of yours)
1/4 cup (or so of cooked quinoa*)
Extra virgin olive oil
Corn Tortillas
Salt and Pepper to taste

breakfast taco4

Here’s What You Do:
Heat Evoo in a medium high pan and add the kale, seasoning it generously. Stir it frequently until it starts to wilt slightly (2 minutes or so). Add the quinoa and the salsa and stir for about a minute, adding the egg mixture. Cook for about 2-3 minutes or until the egg is down to your liking-I like mine “well done”. (I usually throw the tortilla on the top to warm it through) Scoop the kale quinoa mixture into the tortilla and top with more salsa. Enjoy starting your day healthfully!
breakfast taco5

*I love the frozen quinoa mixtures from Target! I make one in the microwave at the beginning of the week and toss it into everything as the week goes on. Also, here I used lacinto kale, which I have come to prefer or the green leafy kind.


  1. glad you were able to take a break and i love these tacos! My husband would go crazy for them. Might make them and freeze for him to grab quickly every morning

  2. I’ve been thinking about you, glad you’re enjoying the break! I looove that colourful little dress. Thanks for sharing these tasty looking tacos too :)

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