Are you and your kids getting excited for Halloween?
I feel like we have so many costumed events these days. When I was a kid it was simple-Halloween on Halloween at night. You didn’t have to look up the day or time or worry about being outside after dark. {My gosh I sound old, don’t I?} I admit-I do love all the events proceeding Halloween that I never had as a kid-Halloween at the YMCA, the Haunted Woods, birthday parties, school parades, etc.
It means that despite my son wanting to be Spiderman I still had an opportunity to “urge” him to be an oompa loompa while his brother was Willy Wonka. I couldn’t stop laughing at my little guy in his green wig ;).
brady and colby halloween
On to the food-I know croutons may seem so boring, but can I just tell you that my kids eat these like chips and every restaurant or store bought crouton pales in comparison-I promise you these croutons were worth their own post!

Happy Halloween and Big Hugs,


Here’s What You Need:
Hearty bread, cut into cubes (enough to cover a baking sheet in a single=1 small-medium baguette)
1/8 + cups of evoo
Seasoned salt (I like Penzey’s)

Here’s What You Do:


Drizzle the bread with extra virgin olive oil and generously sprinkle with seasoning


Bake at 400 for 10-12 minutes, stirring often


Now serve or salad or eat like chips!


  1. Love doing this when I make a huge bowl of Caesar salad!

  2. My kids love homemade croutons like this- sometimes I cut them into bigger chunks and they spread cream cheese on them. How can toasted bread with oil be so darn good? Those are AWESOME costumes by the way- so unique!!

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