Do you like your co-workers?
I bet you don’t like them as much as I adore mine.
I pretty much hit the jack pot when it comes to employees-These women are smart, dedicated, and motivated.
They challenge and impress me everyday.
They have become my dear friends.
I am so wholly grateful for each and everyone of them.

Me and the girls!

Me and the girls!

 So when we gathered at Northern Bay for a staff retreat it was natural and fun and productive-Like all my encounters with these wonderful girls.
I am excited to embark on my 12th year of owning Futura and the 12th year of being surrounded by great people …
I am a blessed and lucky girl…
Hope blessings are finding you today too!

Ps: I made this salsa for an appetizer at our staff retreat and it was a huge hit 😉

Here’s What you Need: (Makes about 24 ounces but you may want to double it and freeze it. It goes fast!)
2 cups whole tomatoes in basil* puree
1 tsp course sea salt
¼ tsp of black pepper
juice of ½ limed to 1 whole
½ sweet onion
1 chipotle (frozen is fine)
3 small garlic cloves
½ cup of loosely packed cilantro
1-2 tsps of agave*
*=Secret ingredients!

Here’s What You Do:
Pulse in the food processor. Add some crispy thin restaurant style chips and you are ready for some yum!

Let’s be friends!



  1. I adore homemade salas, yours looks completely perfect.

  2. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    Oh man, this salsa looks incredible :) saving this recipe!

  3. Made your salsa this weekend for a party. It was a huge hit. :)

  4. Any secret recipe I want :-) Loving the fact that this has chipotle in it!!

  5. agave? Interesting. I can’t wait to try that next time

  6. I NEVER would have thought Agave or basil would go good in salsa – but I’ll have to try it this weekend – I’m a sucker for anything that can be eaten on a chip or cracker!

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