Morning Sunshines!
While you are reading this I will be at one of my favorite places on earth-Garden City Beach, South Carolina. The house we stay in is far from fancy, we get a little crowded, and my kids probably drive the adults crazy, but there’s nothing closer to God then looking out and seeing the water of the ocean lapping up along the marsh that’s the most brilliant green and dotted with slender white birds, squawking into the blue sky. The salt water seasons the air that’s already thick with humidity and I rock back and forth on my worn out rocking chair, watching boats splash seawater  as laughter resounds.
I bury my head in a book, I put my feet in the sand, and I put my face to the sun.
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Hope you are finding your peace today too!
xo, Bree

PS–This breakfast is so easy, healthy and delicious. Great combo, right?!

Here’s What You Need: (Serves 1)
1 piece hearty bread (I love the ones from Clasen’s Bakery)
1/2 ripe avocado
Salt + pepper
1/2 tomato, sliced
1 egg
Spring greens, optional egg4

Here’s What You Do: Preheat a pan coated with non-stick over medium and crack in an egg and cook until set. If you like, you can fold, over the egg during cooking. A couple of minutes should be good. Toast the bread. Salt and pepper the avocado, tomato, and the egg and build the sandwich with the egg on the side. Pile it with the spring greens. Make sure to get each thing in every might. Yum!


Kid Tip: Toast, scrambled eggs, and a side of avocado? My kids sure are not into runny eggs they way I adore them! Can we be friends? LIKE Skinny Mommy on Facebook!



When I cracked my egg, there were two. Kind of crazy!


  1. Breakfast is always better with avocado! Looks delicious :)

  2. Hope you’re enjoying your time on the beach. :) I truly think that there are very few things that taste better than an avocado and egg open faced sandwich. Salivating….. :)

  3. What a perfect breakfast sandwich! Enjoy your time at the beach!

  4. Okay, this is exactly what I’ll be having for lunch!

  5. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    Oh goodness! I love egg & avocado :) This sandwich is perfect!

  6. love egg and avocado together! this looks fabulous

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