tuna3For the past several months my co-worker Lindsey and I have been working on plans of our Annual Meeting for my company, Futura Language Professionals. It is a meeting of the minds where our staff and franchise owners come together to learn, collaborate and inspire. This year’s theme is called Ignite! It is dedicated to Igniting or sometimes, re-igniting your passion for what you do. I think it is important to reflect on and do things all the time to be reminded of what inspires us. We only have this one, short life, so why not live it fully—ignited?
My charming little boys, my family, my friends, Spanish, travel, creating in the kitchen..so many things that I am passionate about.

Last year's meeting was in Mexico. Lindsey-What the heck is that drink in?!

Last year’s meeting was in Mexico. Lindsey-What the heck is that drink in?!

What ignites your passion?

Oh—and Tuna Melts for lunch this week because it is BUSY and they taste pretty great too :)

Here’s What You Need: ( 2 servings)
2 pieces of hearty bread (I love Clasens’)
1 piece sharp cheddar
1 can of albacore tuna, drained (I love Wild Planet’s)
1 TBS Dijon
1 TBS low fat mayo
1 tsp ff Greek yogurt, plain
¼-1/2 tsp of your favorite seasoning (I used Penzey’s Sunny in Paris)
Salt and Pepper
½ carrot, diced; ½ celery stalk, diced
2-3 grape tomatoes, diced
Handful of kale or baby spinach, diced (optional)


Here’s What You Do:
Preheat the oven to broil. Mix all the other ingredients together and divide onto the two pieces of bread. Divide the cheese as well. (I use only one piece to make it skinnier, obviously!) Broil for 2 minutes or until bubbly.


Kid Tip:
I was by myself when I made this at work and so I ate the sandwich for lunch and the left over tuna as a snack. It was that good! My little guys definitely don’t want open faced sandwiches at this stage so I would probably give them a bit of the tuna mixed with the veggies and make it into a grilled cheese.

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  1. I can’t remember the last time I had a tuna melt but am going to have to make them for lunch soon. I wonder if my kids will like them? Either way, more for me! Perfect for Fridays during lent.

  2. Natalie says:

    This will sounds crazy but I’ve never had a tuna melt before! But boy does it look delicious!!!

  3. Love this healthier take on a tuna melt!

  4. Sues says:

    For whatever reason, tuna melts are one of my favorite foods ever. This one looks so fabulous and I love that it’s a little healthier!

  5. Sarah says:

    I had forgotten how I liked this treat in the past. I used a whole wheat sandwich thin for the bread mine. I used a reduced fat Italian shredded cheese mix, it doesn’t get gooey melty, but still did the job. Thanks for the great meal ideas.

  6. Mmmm. this tuna melt looks yummy! I love how you added spinach in it.

  7. Aggie says:

    This is so my kind of sandwich, I love tuna!

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