grn eggs and ham2Are you a St. Patty’s person? As in do you drink green beer, wear green t-s and sport plastic necklaces and silly hats?
Do you indulge in Irish food and kiss your fellow Irishmen?!
It’s been many moons since I have had a St. Pat’s like that! Which may be explaining why I am completely stretching to call this a St. Patrick’s Day recipe.
It’s on a Sunday for crying out loud.
I am pretty sure a green beer is not in my future.
But a breakfast sandwich with some greens? You bet ya.
I am sorry to cut this clever post 😉 so short, but I better run–Off to get my hair colored. I curently look like I used a box of color from Walgreens (even though I paid $150!!)  and I have YELLOW hair.
Not cute, not cute at all. …
Talk to you later!


grn eggs and ham

Here’s What You Need: (For 1)
1 egg whisked with a dash of milk
1 wedge Laughing Cow Cheese (I like Creamy Swiss Light)
Handful of baby spinach
1 piece of nitrate free ham
1 Thomas 100% Whole Wheat English Muffin
½ piece sharp cheddar
Dijon mustard
Salt + Pepper
grn eggs and ham4

Here’s What You Do:
Toast the English muffin. Scramble the egg lightly, adding in the cheese that you have broken up into pieces. Spread some dijon onto the English muffin and top it with the egg. Put the ham in the still warm pan for about 30 seconds. Add the ham and the spinach to the sandwich and then grab a green beer to go along with it. Just kidding 😉
grn eggs and ham3

Kid Tip:
I suggest really playing up Green Eggs and Ham the book! You may need to mix the greens right into the eggs along with the ham.

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*Note: The English muffins were provided to me by Thomas’ by the opinions are all my own!


  1. I love this idea for kids. My husband might even bite if I use the Dr. Seuss angle. LOL.

  2. Sues says:

    I would eat this any day of the year! And eeek, sorry about your hair! Hope you managed to get it fixed :)

  3. I just want to reach through the screen and eat this! Sorry to hear about your hair, good luck!

  4. love the greens with the eggs! I might would even say Dr. Seus would be proud! LOL!

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