carnitasgoodHave you ever noticed how utterly crabby people are at the grocery store?
I smile. They glare back.
I continue to smile, strolling down the aisle. They grumble, trying to push their way down a too small path.
I stand in line happily reading gossip magazines. They huff and puff.
Perhaps they do not know the simple glory of being at the grocery store kid free.
I read nutrional labels. I check out new products. I try samples and over purchase.
Hey crabbies-Maybe if you were coming to my house for these Slow Cooked Carnitas you would take a second to smile back?!

Here’s What You Need:
1 jar Busy Bree’s Dinner Starter-Healthful Mexican
1/4 -1/2 cup of beer* (I used New Glarus Laughing Fox (YUM!)
1-2lbs of pork tenderloin, cubed*
Optional toppings: Mexican cheese like cotija, cilantro
Tortillas (Corn preferred for an authentic taste)

Here’s What You Do:

carnitasgood CARNITAS3

Here’s What You Do:
Put the beer, pork, and Dinner Starter in the slow cooker on low for about 6 hours. (In a pinch you can also put it on high for 3 hours.) Scoop into tortillas and top with your favorite Mexican toppings and a dash of lime. Disfruta!
*If you are using a smaller amount of pork or if you don’t necessarily like a beer infused flavor go with 1/4 cup of beer instead of 1/2 cup.


Kid Tip:
You can always put this meat into quesadillas or on top of nachos to make them more kid friendly. Another idea is to put the pieces of meat on the end of toothpicks to make fun finger food.

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  1. People are way too grumpy at the grocery store. Life is too short to have that type of attitude buying food!!! I love carnitas and these look awesome. great job

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