BKT5I can remember a couple of years ago my friend telling me how she bought nitrate free hot dogs for her son. I nodded my head in agreement, smiling, pretending like I had any clue what she was talking about. Boy how things have changed.
The thing I have loved more than anything about having this website is how much I have learned-about cooking, photography, and most importantly about nutrition and food labels. It is kind of troubling actually, that you can’t go into a grocery store and just buy something off the shelf and trust that it is something you want to feed your family.
I mean have you heard about the thirteen ingridients banned elsewhere but not in the US? ugh.
That’s why I love a company like Applegate Farms which has no artificial ingredients or nitrates. (Now that I know a thing or two about nitrites that’s important to me.)
— And they even make a ultra low fat turkey bacon, which inspired this BKT Sandwich (As in Bacon, Kale, Tomato). It was absolutely deliciously salty and crunchy just like your typical BLT, but you can feel a heck of a lot less guilty for eating it. Hey-you can even feel good about eating it. How awesome is that?!



Here’s What You Need:(For 1)
Two pieces of hardy bready (I love the Ten Grain and Seed from Clasen’s)
3 pieces of Applegate Farms Turkey Bacon
A few pieces of green leafy kale
1-2 tsps low fat or olive oil mayonaise
Tomato, sliced
Salt + PepperBKT3

Here’s What You Do:
Cook the bacon as directed and set aside. Keep the pan warm and add the kale for about 1 minute, stirring. Toast the bread and add the mayo. Season it with salt and pepper. Season the tomato as well and build the sandwich.(You can also drizzle the tomato with a little bit of evoo.) Enjoy :)

Kid Tip:
My kids are not fans of BLTs so I would add the bacon and kale to make a yummy grilled cheese!

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  1. Dara says:

    Love this. We are kale addicts in my house – I put it in everything. Applegate farms is the best! I buy all their products.

  2. I don’t like kale in most incarnations but I’ve never thought of putting it on a sandwich like this – I think it would be great! I’m amazed how much I’ve learned about food through having a blog – I am thankful to live in Canada for many of the food guideline differences, but we still all need to be so aware of what we’re buying.

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