smoothiebestLike the rest of middle America, I am on a quest to eat cleaner.
– To Consume more veggies and more fruits in 2013.
I am not saying it is a “New Year’s Resolution” , because I already eat pretty healthy. And let’s face it, most resolutions don’t last…

– but lifestyle changes do.

Did I tell you that when my friends and I went for lunch the other day we couldn’t find parking spots because there were so many people trying to park at the gym next store?

I hate to say this, but I think by mid February there will be plenty of spaces ;)!

When you make healthy eating taste good, you start to crave it. When you start cutting out the junk and processed food you, crave them less and less. I truly belive you can train your body and your mind to actually prefer healthy eating over unhealthy eating.
Why not start tomorrow morning?
Wake up and tell yourself, “This is going to be a healthy day. I am going to eat healthy today.”
Just giving yourself that affirmation is half the battle. And really, we don’t have anything without our health.

This is your one body.

Treasure it.

Super Smoothie
Here’s What You Need:(Serves 1)
1/3 cup frozen peaches
1/3 cup frozen pineapple
1 cup ff milk*
1 cup of baby spinach
1 tsp of flax*
1/2-1 tsp of agave or honey (optional)

Here’s What You Do:
Add everything to the blender and blend. Voila! Oh–Add it to a fancy cup and you will feel so much better about eating flax + spinach!

Notes: Skip putting juice into smoothies. It addes unnecessary sugar or if it is a lighter version, some kind of artificial sweetener. Instead opt for ff milk for added calcium..
If you haven’t heard of flax, it’s a wonder food. I suprisingly found this whole flaxseed at Marshalls,but any health food store will have it too. It’s heavy on fiber, Omega-3’s, cancer fighting properties and protein. It lowers LDL cholestrol and helps reduce inflamation.

Kid Tip:
My kids are not on the smoothie kick yet, but they will be as soon as I start calling them shakes!

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  1. Ohmygoodness this is so similar to a smoothie that I have been slurping down like crazy lately! So good.

    Ps, my personal trainer and I were just discussing that we can’t wait for 6 weeks from now when the resolutioners stop going to the gym and we can have our space back. We’re terrible :-)

  2. Jessica says:

    MMMM i love a good supersmoothie!

  3. That’s so close to one of my New Years goals, I want to eat vegan more often. I love produce but I ALWAYS want to drowned them in butter and cheese. It just steals from how great the produce can really be.

  4. great looking smoothie! i just found your blog and have enjoyed looking through the recipes! lots of yummy dishes!

  5. Nathalie says:

    This recipe looks great! I did read that ground flaxseed is better because their exterior shell is every tough and our digestive systems can’t break them down, so they tend to pass through the digestive system whole without giving the linoleic benefits.

  6. I’m trying this today – I bet my daughter would love it. We’re both trying to eat healthier! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sues says:

    I’m definitely on a healthy kick, too. Not trying to lose weight or anything; just want to eat more veggies and healthy foods! I just ate my bircher muesli with a healthy dose of flax :)

    This smoothie really does look SUPER!!

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