Korea on the brain.

It’s so strange how it has crept into my memory in a ferocious way.
It was a hard year in my life.
And so long ago.
It was the only time I can say I felt depressed or like I didn’t belong.
And yet, the things I saw, the food I tasted, the smells I took in (good ones and not such good ones) made a lifetime impression on me. As hard as the year was, my beautiful seven kindergarten students filled my heart with so much happiness and they were the inspiration for my own language school, Futura Language Professionals.

My little boys have been begging to watch the videos over and over of them singing. They love looking at the pictures of my tiny apartment and seeing the soldiers at the DMV.
I am ready to go back. To face Seoul with fresh, happy eyes.
I am so grateful for the kind people I met there that took me into cozy tea  houses and introduced me to food I truly enjoyed. Bulgolgi was one of those things. This is my take on it-not traditional I know, but still Korean inspired.
I am grateful for my year in Korea, so incredibly blessed for the experience to be a minority, to be out of sorts. It’s made me more compassionate and more grateful.

And it still makes me giggle that the one sentence I can say is, “맥주 둘주세요 (maegju duljuseyo)” Two beers please.
Seriously that’s all I got—What does that say about me?!

Anyway, I made this Bulgogi {Korean Seared Beeff}. It’s not traditional, but it’s inspired!

Want the recipe? Find me today at Culinary.net!

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  1. Liz says:

    I love pork bulgogi…I must try your beef version! Off to see the recipe.

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