salad2Good Morning my friends! When Rachel from Rachel Cooks asked me to do a guest post for
her because she was going to be busy adjusting to be having two little ones at
home, of course I gave a resounding, “YES!” First, because I adore her blog (
(especially all the fun interviews), but secondly because I can so relate.

I am
still adjusting to having two kids
2½ years later ;).salad4

I decided to share this yummy salad because I remember after I had kids
everyone came bearing casseroles. Don’t get me wrong I really, really
appreciated them. But let’s face it, I didn’t want to look six months pregnant
anymore so the three layered meat lasagnas though tasty, were not helping my
cause. I sent Andy to the grocery store to load up on fresh fruit and greens!

I think this salad is perfect for entertaining or making it into a single
serving for lunch.

I hope you like it.

Congrats Rachel and thanks for having me!



Want the whole recipe? Visit me at Rachel Cooks!



  1. I hear you on the casseroles! Such a sweet gesture, but a girl needs to get out of maternity pants already! I wanted my body back immediately and all the carbs were not helping my cause. But this salad would have been amazing!

  2. Loved seeing you guest post over on Rachel’s blog today! This salad looks amazing and I just love this dressing!

  3. This looks delicious. Heading over there now!

  4. Rachel Cooks says:

    Thanks again Bree! I’ve been eating salad every day (WANT. BODY. BACK. ASAP.) and I cannot wait to try this one!

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