Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving?

I am looking forward to it, but there is a slight pang of sadness in my heart.

My Grandpa passed away this year and my grandparents have been the anchors in our family. We all gathered in their tiny house around the biggest table you have seen passing the recipes that have survived generations. I always bring a salad and my Cashew Cranberry Curry Spread, it’s tradition.
My Grandma makes her famous pumpkin pie, my Uncle Al carves the turkey, my Aunt Kate makes her giant bowl of mashed potatoes, served of course with my Grandma’s classic (amazing) gravy. We all grab for seconds of her fantastic sweet potato souffle.
Since my Grandpa got sick Thanksgivings have ended at my Grandparent’s house.
This year my Grandma will be setting off to Boston to be with family there.
My siblings are scattering with their own significant others.

“The cousins” with my G+G

So..for the first time in nine years we are headed to Minnesota for Thanksgiving with Andy’s family. The menu sounds great, especially the  twice baked potatoes, and my kids are thrilled to play with their cousins.
But anyone who is married knows that a big piece of your heart is always with your own family, with your own traditions. Especially me, I love a tradition.

Biggest hugs up there Grandpa, we will miss you more than you know this holiday!

On a brighter note, this hash was delish. Save a sweet potato and make it the next day for brunch. I  had it twice in two days I loved it so much.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!



Here’s What You Need: (Makes about 2 servings)
¾ large sweet potatoes or yam
½ sweet onion, diced
1 large carrot, diced finely
2 tsps 100% maple syrup (don’t use the fake stuff!)
¼ tsp minced garlic
½ cup of kale, diced (optional)
Eggs (optional)

Here’s What You Do:

Heat about a capful of oil over medium high and add the sweet potato or yam, followed by the onion and  the carrot. Sprink with s+p as well as a good dash or two of cayenne*. Add in the maple, covering all the vegetables well. Stir frequently for about five-seven minutes or so when the vegetables start softening. Add the kale if you plan on using it stirring it in well for about 1-2 minutes or when the kale starts wilting. Season with extra s+p to taste. If you want, serve with an over easy or sunnyside up egg. (Yum!)

Notes: If you want to sub in spinach for the kale, that works. You can also leave it out for picky eaters. I didn’t put an exact amont of cayenne, because everyone likes a different amount of spice. I added 2 dashes.

Kid Tip:
For my kiddos I would probably leave out the kale or cut it into very tiny pieces. Also, I would limit the cayenee to just one dash. Another great idea is to make it into a breakfast quesadilla!

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  1. Hugs to you and your family. Hope the Thanksgiving is wonderful, just as your Grandpa would have wanted.

  2. love anything and everything sweet and spicy! IT is the perfect combination! This looks delish

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