I am sure you have heard of the terrible twos.
Well, I am pretty confident my son has taken over as the campaign manager.
Last Sunday, as I ridiculously thought I could take a shower, he threw his applesauce.

All over.
The floor.
The chair.
The walls.

And then I went to get dressed. (How dare I, right?!)
And he pooped on the floor—as in the new carpet.  Like a puppy.
That was it. I turned into a stark raving lunatic.
And I officially decided that he is the poster child for the terrible twos.

 But my gosh is he an angel when he is sleeping.
He has the most gorgeous long eyelashes.
And a killer smile.

He talks in the funniest voices, making me always smile.
He is the best little cuddler.
And my little love.
So, I couldn’t stay mad at him for long!

I made this salad five times last week, that is how much I love it. It’s more of a rough sketch than a true recipe, but the flavor combination is fantastic.


Here’s What You Need: (Makes 1 large or 2 small salads)
1 cup of baby spinach, cut into strips*
1-2 TBS of feta, diced (not the crumbled kind)
½ of tomato, chopped
Good quality kalamata olives (about 10)
1/2 capful of extra virgin olive oil
1 capful of balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper

Here’s What You Do:
Plate the spinach and top with feta, tomatoes, and olives. Drizzle with balsamic and evoo. Season with sea salt and pepper. Don’t you feel lighter already?!

*I roll it up and cut it with kitchen scissors.

My buddy

Kid Tip:
I cannot tell a lie. My kids are not going to eat spinach salad. But, sometimes I need a mommy dish 😉 What tips would you have to get your kids to eat this?

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  1. Lynnr says:

    He’s a doll-pooper and all! I think all mom’s have had that experience! Your salad looks divine-no wonder you made it 5 times in the same week!

  2. Amee says:

    Bree, enjoy that sweet boy, they grow up so fast!! My little guy is 12 now and it seems like yesterday when he pooped in the bathtub, lol. I feel your pain, been there done that x 2. :) This salad sounds so scrumptious, too. Thanks for the giggle and the delish recipe. :)

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