#1 PEPE with hot peppers and cucumbers.

This is what I get every single time from Jimmy Johns.

With love.

I am not sure why I was willing to drive 35 miles when I was pregnant for  one of these white-bread, mayo laden sammies, but I was.
I still am.

Well let’s just say ignorance can be bliss.
I just looked up my favorite sandwich online only to find these grim stats:

614 calories
30 grams of fat
and a whopping 1262 mg of sodium!

So…  I decided to give my beloved #1 a skinny, (and healthy) makeover.

*First,  I cut down on the size-using a 4” hoagie roll instead of a 8”  French baguette.

*Second, I limited the mayo (olive oil mayo please!) to 1-2 tsps

*Third, I used only 2 slices of lean deli ham
*Fourth, I cut down on the sodium by using organic ham

*Fifth, I gave the vine ripened tomatoes a good dash of salt and pepper to bring out their natural flavors

*Sixth, I cut down on the fat by only using ½ of a sharp cheddar slice (I used Sargentos)

*Seventh, I healthied it up a bit by adding a big handful of baby spinach
*Finally…(And of course) I added the guilt free hot peppers and cucumbers.

Just as good as Pepe?

I think so.

And hope you do too, my friend.

Have a fabulous week!



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  1. Sues says:

    I’ve never had Jimmy Johns before, but I have to say your makeover looks pretty delicious!

  2. jimmy Johns? Why have i never had one of these before? it looks so good!

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